The life of an emergency medicine doctor or midlevel does not have to be stressful. It is possible to have extended amounts of time with your family, spouse, friends, hobbies, and travel WITHOUT affecting your income. Our providers enjoy great compensation, beautiful locations, and weeks of freedom between block shifts. Many doctors often work with Coast to Coast as a refreshing and profitable break from their regular employment.

Every community has the same need for quality medical care but it can be extremely challenging to attract talented, experienced doctors to rural hospitals. The typical locum tenens approach is an expensive and incomplete solution. We succeed by motivating quality physicians to travel longer distances to staff your hospital. Our “Long Shift” approach allows doctors to earn more money than they could earn in an urban area while enjoying the quality of life advantages of a concentrated work schedule in a rural setting. In short, our providers are willing to travel to remote areas to work because even though their hourly rate is lower, by working longer, continuous on-call shifts, they can earn a higher income overall. The bottom line for your hospital is top-notch physicians at more affordable rates. Even if you have a higher volume facility, we have staffing models that can leverage our Long Shift approach.

While this lifestyle is not for every provider, many absolutely love it. We work hard to recruit these doctors. For the right physicians, the attraction is a combination of: financial reward, quality of life, and an appreciation for rural medicine. Many urban EM doctors long for the slower pace, greater personal interaction and community involvement that comes with our engagements. As a result, hospitals enjoy Coast to Coast doctors’ willingness to help out wherever they are needed, from swing bed coverage to patient billing to community events.